How to Win Online Roulette Every Time

Okay, the ‘every time’ bit might be a little misleading, how about 90% of the time. Either way, come the end of this guide to roulette gaming, you will be able to significantly increase your winning ratio and lower the amount you spend whilst registered to an online casino. Here is everything you need to know about roulette.

Getting the Best Roulette Online to Win

To play roulette, you will need a casino. Here the top 10 are already lined up. Why this specific site? Because all casinos listed here are tried, tested and checked beforehand regarding their legal credentials. These casinos are licensed by gambling commission and authorities. They meet the standards of the SA gambling laws and they also come certified by independent regulators that have certified each one as a safe and fair business. So yes, they test all the games, and this is exactly what you will be needing from an operator, online roulette that is not fixed or tampered.

How to Bet During Online Roulette

Step inside online casinos which are provided here and experience the highest quality of online roulette. For those new to the idea of playing then roulette is very simple to handle and play. Roulette gives you loads of betting options which is why its popularity has never dwindled.

The game has 0 to 36 numbers, these are assigned to the roulette wheel which is also colour co-ordinated as black and red. You only need to predict either which number will land from the spin of the wheel or if it will be black or red, odd or even. The game also allows row betting on numbers, you can place single bets, multiple single bets, bracket betting and so on. How given there are so many options, using the same method won’t yield the same results upon each spin, this is way alternating of bets is always the best option in roulette. Even with 5050 bets, out of 100-spins, the odds are not predictable enough to have full faith in 5050 odds. This is where the study of the game comes into play as discussed below.

How Roulette is Made and Won

Virtual roulette is built with algorithms in its programming. These rules determine which players win and which lose. The programming, just like slots, give away so much about how a game can be won, there are flaws in all the systems because the algorithms also works in conjunction with the casino’s management tool. This tool is essentially a database that has player profiles, it knows what you averagely spend, what you win and lose, what games you like and most likely knows what game you will play next. Data controls the algorithms, so no data, no dictation of when to payout. In order to beat roulette and the system controlling it, you need to always clear your cookie data, browser history and if using an app uninstall after each session.

If you cease playing for a week the management tool will default back to its original setting and you can play roulette again and after a big win, move onto another table and so on. Stop when your profits drop to 70% and then repeat the process of clearing your data.